The project co-funded under the AMIF program ENFEMFemale TCNs Integration in local Communities through Employability and Entrepreneurship Local Oriented Strategies has launched its online training platform 

TCN women often face multiple hurdles in their journey to self-improvement and independence. These challenges include language barriers, cultural differences, lack of local networks, and limited access to training and education opportunities. Additionally, the absence of tailored resources and programs further exacerbates the situation, leading to feelings of isolation and disempowerment. Addressing these concerns is crucial for building a more inclusive and supportive society. 

This is why the ENFEM Consortium developed the online platform that is divided into two environments. One section is dedicated to TCN women aiming at socioeconomic integration through employability and entrepreneurship. It offers an array of courses and resources specifically curated to meet their unique needs. These courses encompass language proficiency, cultural orientation, vocational training, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. The platform’s user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation, even for those with limited digital literacy, making it accessible to a wider audience and it is available in 9 languages.  

Another part is devoted to Local Actors and it includes training on Diversity Management and Local Planning and Strategy Development in order to develop mutual understanding and cooperation between migrant women and stakeholders. 

The platform is now available as a Mobile Application on Play Store and it is downloadable on every Android device. 

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