During the last two months as part of the ENFEM project, training sessions for international women and local actors were implemented by PATRIR in Romania. All local actors engaged in international integration strategies exchanged best practices and determine which Romanian best practices can be raised. In addition, they had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how diversity management operates in the field of international citizen integration. Moreover, we had a training hosting students of Social Assistance Faculty of Babeș-Bolyai University, about the needs of international citizens at the local and European levels, and how social workers can be involved in maintaining an inclusive society for all its members, regardless of their country of origin.

International women were invited to different training sessions to learn about the legal employment system in Romania, as well as how to develop a network that will give them an advantage in the employment process. Other training sessions were focused on branding and key skills that facilitate the integration into the Romanian labour market, Intercultural relations, and practical steps for starting up a business in Romania.

The training sessions took place in a hybrid format, connecting over twenty local actors and more than fifty international women from all over Romania, and were delivered in different languages like: English, Romanian, Arabic, and Russian, according to the needs of international women.

Furthermore, we conducted various work-based learning sessions, putting learnings into action with interactive workshops, including CV writing sessions, interview simulations, and safe and effective ways to search for job opportunities, all geared towards enhancing the employability and entrepreneurial skills of international women.


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