The ENFEM project activities in Cyprus, coordinated by CSI Cyprus and SIKESO, recently organized face-to-face training sessions for Third Country National (TCN) women in Cyprus, fostering empowerment, knowledge sharing, and community building. The impact of these sessions has been significant, providing participants with essential information and practical skills for their personal and professional development. 

CSI Cyprus hosted the first session on the 29th of June and the second on the 7th of July 2023 at the Gardens of the Future in Nicosia.  Topics covered included intercultural relations and key skills in entrepreneurship and employment. The chosen venue, Gardens of the Future, aligned with ENFEM’s vision of inclusivity and multicultural experiences. 

The second session on the legal framework of employment in Cyprus saw 19 migrant women participating. Agne Semenaite, a case worker at CARITAS Cyprus, shared valuable insights on navigating the Cypriot labor market as a migrant woman. Participants actively engaged in discussions, clarifying doubts and gaining valuable knowledge. 

CSI’s dedication to inclusivity was evident throughout both sessions. The organization facilitated participation for French-speaking women from African countries by providing on-site translation. Furthermore, free childcare services allowed mothers to attend, creating a supportive environment for both women and their children. Participants also enjoyed a rich spread of food and drinks, minimizing food waste by taking home leftovers. 

The training left a profound impact on the participants. Many expressed gratitude for learning crucial information about working in Cyprus and commended the effort in accommodating mothers and enabling networking opportunities. The sessions instilled confidence and equipped the women with practical knowledge to pursue their aspirations. 

SIKESO also organized two face-to-face sessions in Larnaca, promoting the training through a dedicated TCN link, ensuring a language barrier-free experience. Both sessions provided warm-up activities, refreshments, and crucial modules on the legal framework of employment, intercultural relations, and practical steps to start a business in Cyprus. 

The safe and diverse environment encouraged participants to share their own cultural experiences, fostering inclusivity and mutual understanding. The venue, Youth Centre of Larnaca, was strategically selected for accessibility and child-friendliness, ensuring maximum engagement. 

Participants were appreciative of the new information gained, finding the training highly beneficial for their personal goals. The success story of the TCN link, acting as both a language interpreter and a trusted figure, exemplified the spirit of empowerment and support throughout the sessions. 

In conclusion, the ENFEM training sessions for TCN women held in Cyprus exemplified the project’s commitment to empowerment, inclusion, and growth. Through knowledge exchange, practical skills, and thoughtful arrangements, CSI Cyprus and SIKESO have paved the way for a brighter future for all participants, strengthening the foundations of an integrated and diverse society.