CSI Cyprus and SIKESO collaborated to organize two impactful training sessions for Local Actors in Cyprus, fostering diversity management, inclusion, and gender awareness. Despite challenges, the sessions successfully engaged stakeholders from various fields and delivered valuable insights and best practices. 

The first face-to-face training session, held at the Ginery Bar on the 21st of June 2023, gathered local actors in the heart of Nicosia. Anastasia Liopetriti and Antrea Kosta from CSI and SIKESO presented the ENFEM Project and Platform, emphasizing the significance of the initiative and encouraging registrations. The session delved into Module 2 for Local Actors, covering diversity management and inclusion. 

The involvement of guest speaker, Susana Pavlou, Director of the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, added further depth to the session. She discussed the institute’s goals and initiatives concerning migrant women in the workplace. Engaging discussions ensued, promoting networking opportunities among participants. 

The second training session on the 28th of June 2023, conducted online, continued the impactful journey. Module 1/Unit 1 was presented, focusing on strategies and practices for the inclusion of TCN women. This was followed by a presentation of Module 1/Unit 2, sharing best practices in Cyprus. Engaging Q&A sessions and discussions on initiatives and inclusion mechanisms enriched the participants’ knowledge. 

The sessions attracted stakeholders ranging from migrant and gender experts to workplace actors, representing diverse age groups. Despite the difficulties in reaching some participants during the summer months, the training’s significance was not compromised. 

The impact of the Local Actors training is evident through the enhanced awareness and understanding of diversity management, inclusion practices, and gender dynamics in the workplace. By empowering Local Actors, the ENFEM project fosters a more inclusive and supportive environment for migrant women, paving the way for positive change and meaningful integration in Cyprus.