Center for Social Innovation – CSI Cyprus has been working hard during the two years of project implementation in order to promote the project, reach its indicators and make an impact on the lives of its target groups and far beyond. 

As such, CSI has published a video showcasing the most important milestones of project activities that have taken place in Cyprus. Take a look below!  

With the ENFEM project approaching completion at the end of November 2023, it is worth taking a look at the significant successes and experiences gained by the Center for Social Innovation (CSI) in Cyprus during the implementation of this project, as one of the two partners in Cyprus. 

Specifically, the activities organized by CSI are the following: 

  1. Employment, Entrepreneurship and Social Cohesion for Vulnerable Groups” – 1st capitalization event, November 28, 2022, Nicosia: An event aimed at highlighting the challenges and opportunities in employment and entrepreneurship for vulnerable groups and especially for immigrant women.
  2. Women on the Move: Perspectives on Migration, Inclusion, and Empowerment – 2nd capitalization event, April 3, 2023, Nicosia: An event that examined migration from various perspectives and focused on the inclusion and empowerment of women.
  3. 3rd Partners’ Meeting – 30-31 March 2023, Nicosia: An important meeting for partner coordination and exchange of ideas, where CSI hosted the ENFEM partners from all over Europe.
  4. Training of Local Actors (CSI & SIKESO) – June 21, 2023, Nicosia & June 28, Online: Training program training local actors on the integration of migrant women and good practices for their implementation in different contexts.
  5. Training of Third Country National Women – 29 June & 7 July 2023, Gardens of the Future, Nicosia: Training programs developed specifically for migrant women. The trainings covered important topics such as the legal work framework for migrant women in Cyprus, CV development, elements of the local culture of Cyprus and more.
  6. Work-based Learning activities in Cyprus – July – August 2023, CSI & Gardens of the Future: An activity that combined learning with work and gave the opportunity to acquaint women in workplaces in Cyprus.