On the 17th of October, the Consortium of the project ENFEM– Female TCNs Integration in Local Communities through Employability and Entrepreneurship Local Oriented Strategies (101038287-ENFEM-AMIF-2020-AG) – met in presence for its last Transnational Meeting. It was held in Porto, hosted by ISCAP, the Coordinator of the project. 

The meeting started with an update on dissemination activities and the importance of sustainability actions to guarantee a proper impact to the project results. 

Then, the Consortium analyzed the goals obtained within Work Packages 3 and 4 and the importance of making the final efforts to reach the required indicators.  

Indeed, the project will end on the 30th of November, but the partners are already working to start new initiatives together.  

Moreover, on the 18th of October ISCAP organized the final ENFEM conference. Every partner took part in the event, and it was a chance to discuss the needs, perceptions, challenges, and expectations of migrant women. 

The debate was really fruitful, and the attendees were enthusiastic and committed during the initiative. 

Consortium is glad for the results achieved and the impact of the project inside and outside its organization. Much progress can still be made for the inclusion of migrant women in the labor market, but other initiatives such as the ENFEM project are needed. 

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