At the heart of the ENFEM project to empower women of migrant origin in Martinique, D’Antilles et D’Ailleurs has taken significant steps to concretize its commitment to inclusion and empowerment. As a key partner in this multinational project funded by the European Commission’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), our organization has deployed a series of concrete actions over the past two years. 

Practical training: In October 2023, we organized two in-person training sessions, comprising a total of 4 workshops, at our premises. These workshops covered a range of essential topics, including French employment law, creating CVs and cover letters, and key skills for starting a business in France. Our participants, the vast majority from our partner associations Mouvement du Nid and Culture Égalité, had the opportunity to acquire practical skills, while benefiting from the invaluable insights of a local entrepreneur of Cuban origin. 

Raising awareness and sharing experience: At the same time, we organized two public workshops as part of “Integration Week” and “Entrepreneurial Equality Week”. These events were crucial platforms for sharing essential advice with migrant women about their job search and their desire to set up their own business. We placed particular emphasis on overcoming language barriers, fostering an enriching climate of exchange and learning. 

Practical experience in companies: Participants in our training courses also had the opportunity to sign up for work experience placements with carefully selected partner companies. These hands-on experiences enabled the women to learn first-hand about the catering, craft and heritage restoration sectors, while building their confidence and expertise. 

Exploring Innovative Horizons: An exciting study visit was organized to Lakou Digital, a local business innovation center. This excursion offered participants a stimulating insight into current projects and a unique opportunity to take part in a dedicated workshop, led by a Lakou Digital expert, exploring the use of Google Workspace. 

Training for professionals: We haven’t forgotten the professionals. In October, special training was offered to reinforce their skills in best practices related to the integration of women in the European job market, as well as the importance of diversity management. 

We’re proud of how far we’ve come with the ENFEM project, and of the positive impact our actions have had on the local scene. Our approach embodies the idea that inclusion is a collective and continuous endeavor, with positive spin-offs for the whole of society.